Vanderlyn Advances to the State Science Olympiad Competition

On March 18 the Vanderlyn Science Olympiad Team competed in the DeKalb County Science Olympiad at Druid Hills Middle School. The Vanderlyn team clearly demonstrated their advanced “STEM-abilities” by winning the most 1st – 3rd place individual medals (eight 1st place, three 2nd place and seven 3rd place) compared to any other team in the competition. Vanderlyn students took home medals in 15 of the 25 events. As a result, Vanderlyn Elementary School will be advancing to the State Science Olympiad Competition to be held on Saturday, May 13. If you see any of the team members– be sure to congratulate them on a job well done. Vanderlyn is proud of the entire team:

Advaith B., Sashk K., Rasesh J., Surya Sai Ameya M., Parth D., Mahashri R., Aditi A., Venkata Samanyu B., Abhijay V., Aritra B., Sai Varshith P., Mithun P., Kevin P., Sai Brijeswara Reddy E., Vadang D., Anushka G., Swathi MP., Viraj K., Neil S., Srihitha P., Ansh K., Sarai P., Arushi K., Clarence G., Mir Aadil H., Nikhil A., Ameer S., Henry S., Varsha R., and Owen K.

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